How It Works

Step 1

Call us and tell us what size package you need to ship, where it’s heading, and when it needs to arrive.

Step 2

We will confirm you are a “Known Shipper.” This is your security clearance with the TSA. Click Here for more info.

Step 3

We find the best route (taking weather and other factors into consideration) and provide you with a quote.

Step 4

Our local route operator will pick up your package and deliver it to the airport where it will be signed over to an airline.

Step 5

Our delivery team will pick up the package when the flight lands. We will call you to let you know the package is on the way.

Step 6

We will drop off the package with the intended recipient and provide a signature for proof of delivery.

What Is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding means organizing and coordinating shipments from one location to another using one or more carriers. A freight forwarder differs from a shipping company or courier service in that we can utilize many different carriers for a single delivery. We are not limited to our own fleet, but rather develop relationships with carriers worldwide to make deliveries as efficient as possible. For example, we may hire a courier to pick up a package and have it dropped off at an airline for flight (or a trucking service for land transport), and then have a different delivery service deliver the package from the airport (or freight facility) to your office. That’s three different carriers (departing city courier, airline/trucking company, and destination city courier). But you only make one call – to Advanced Express. We take care of the rest.

I only have a tiny parcel to ship.
Is that really “freight”?

Yes, it’s an outdated term. Freight forwarders can handle parcels of any size. You can ship an envelope or a truckload of products. It’s all “freight.”

What Is White Glove Shipping? 

  • Goes beyond standard delivery
  • Never leaves package unattended
  • Maintains contact with driver for real-time delivery updates
  • Requires a signature when delivered
  • Handled with care

Be a Superhero for Your Company. Call Advanced Express for Your Shipping Needs!