Ground Shipping Services


Props, Shows on Disk, Costumes

Trade Shows

Booth, Materials, Sample Products


Red Carpet, Custom Apparel, Shoes


Posters in a roll, a banner, or something more unique


Depositions, Case Files

Standard / Economy Delivery

Advanced Express has developed a team of road warriors to deliver your packages across town or across the country. For your less urgent packages, we offer second- and third-day delivery before 10:30 am, 12 noon or 5:00 pm, depending on your destination.

Our freight operators are licensed industry experts. We only work with the best industry professionals to ensure your parcel arrives safely and on time. You can track your package’s route here on our website, or you can always call us for a personalized status update. We always maintain contact with our drivers, so we always know where your package is – whether it’s cruising through the mountains or resting for the night at a cozy warehouse.

Economy Delivery is a great service at an excellent price. (Minimum weight charges may apply.)

Return Shipping
Round Trip Delivery

Does your shipment need to be returned to your office after your meeting or exhibition? We have you covered. We can come back to pick up the shipment and get it sent back to your office – or on to whatever destination is next on your agenda.

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